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I’m El Tel
Been in the DJ Business for over 5 decades
I started in east end pubs back in the early 70s through till early 80s where my musical choice moved towards Soul / Disco & Dance.
I moved from the pubs to clubs in the Essex area, finishing my club career in the early 2000s @ The Epping Forest Country Club

Spent some time guesting here and there also set up a very successful mobile events career. 
But decided to close this down in 2014 when I was introduced to Zero Radio and the rest is history  
I’m now doing 2 shows a week and loving it. 

With Boutique Soul, to be asked to be part of such a unique Event is a first for me!
I’ve worked at many prestigious events in the UK, but this is getting me very excited!! 
I’m planning my playlist as I’m writing -and so looking forward to playing at this event. 

Boutique Soul is going to be very special and very different 
The Venue, Music, People, Location and DJ Line Up is just perfect. 

I'm counting down the days to go 😎


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