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WAS Promotions Ltd (t/a Boutique Soul)  TERMS & CONDITIONS

​Please read this Cancellation Policy carefully. These conditions, along with ‘Event Information Leaflet/Flyers’ and all other information on our website and in our brochures (depending on how you make your booking) set out the terms and conditions of the contract between you and WAS Promotions Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 14008645, whose registered office address is at 495 Green Lanes, London, United Kingdom, N13 4BS trading as "Boutique Soul” and also referred to a  (“we” or “us”). Where included in our brochure these conditions are correct at the time of going to print, but please see our terms on our website for any subsequent changes which apply. When we talk about the event in these conditions, except where otherwise stated, we mean the DJ Promotions events at the locations described, transport and other services (excluding excursions and car hire) described by us that you book in the UK with us. Once your booking has been confirmed we will accept responsibility for it in accordance with these conditions as a ‘Tour Operator’. Please note that we act as an "organizer" in relation to bookings for boat parties and any resort/on-board booked excursions made through our local representatives and your contract for those services is directly with the supplier of the service.

When can you cancel your package holiday?

If your travel operator changes the terms and conditions of your package holiday, you’re entitled to cancel your trip and get a full refund.

To get a refund, your operator must have made a change to your:

  • Travel dates

  • Accommodation

  • Flights

Your travel operator must let you know about the change in writing and give you a reasonable time to tell them if you want to cancel. 

If the price of your holiday goes up after you have booked and you are asked to pay more, you can also cancel your booking and get a full refund, providing the increase is significant according to the law. A significant increase is usually 10% or more.  

Price increases are only permitted as a result of higher fuel prices, changes to taxes or fees by third parties, or exchange rates that affect the holiday price.

Even if there have been no changes to your booking, there are certain situations in which you might be able to get a refund, but this depends on the terms and conditions of your booking.

This guide explains your rights if your flights are cancelled due to strike action.

Most travel agents let you cancel within a set period but you will usually have to pay a cancellation fee.

How much is a cancellation fee?

This depends on when your holiday is due to take place. The earlier you cancel, the higher the chance you will get a refund. For example:

  • 90 days before your holiday: lose the money you put down as a deposit

  • 60 days before your holiday: lose 50% of the cost of your holiday

  • 30 days before your holiday: lose 70% of the cost of your holiday

  • 10 days before your holiday: lose 100% of the cost of your holiday

Cancelling your flights and accommodation

If your hotel or airline makes significant changes to your booking you should be able to cancel your trip without paying a fee.

Beyond this, however, you do not have any legal rights to cancel and you will be bound by your booking terms and conditions.

Some airlines will either:

  • Give you a partial refund

  • Allow you to transfer your flight

  • Let you reclaim any airport tax paid

Others (particularly budget airlines) may refuse to offer any of these options, although you will still be able to use a return flight if you are unable to make the outward journey.

Your accommodation provider may give you some flexibility, but this is down to their in-house policy, so it is still worth contacting the airline or hotel to discuss your options.

Transfer your holiday to someone else

This is a good way to get some of your money back if the person you are transferring your holiday to is willing to pay.

Contact your holiday company to request the transfer. Most providers will only let you transfer your holiday if you give plenty of notice, usually at least 28 days before your departure date.

You will be charged a fee for transferring your booking into someone else's name, usually between £50 and £100 per passenger.

What if your provider goes bust?

If you have booked a package holiday and your tour operator goes bust you will usually be covered.

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